Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection

100% of PTC Liberty Tubulars heat-treated products are inspected using a phased array ultrasonic inspection system with 128 inspection channels. It delivers an inspection that is superior over standard UT inspection with programmable beam steering and multiple flaw gates for improved discrimination and detection of flaws.

Inspections parameters for the system include 8 heads located on a dual carriage system that contain a total of 963 inspection probes for overlap coverage.  Clockwise longitudinal & transverse inspection along with counter clockwise longitudinal and transverse inspection provide the industry’s most complete inspection protocol.   The system provides 100% body wall verification and end-to- end inspection capability which eliminates the need for Special End Area (SEA) inspection.

Each pipe is marked with a stencil that identifies each joint uniquely to ensure we have complete  traceability and identification.

The equipment is operated by our UT technicians who are trained and certified to meet ASNT requirements for Phased Array UT operators  as outlined by American Society for Non-Destructive Testing.

Each tube has a physical verification of the BMG RTIS stencil prior to shipment, and each tube has a physical check verifying the heat, grade and gauge prior to shipment.

Complete inspection reports are available to provide all pertinent information regarding lot number, inspections performed, size, weight, grade, threads, number of joints and total footage of prime material.

Calibration and Inspection Levels

Grade Drilled Hole Diameter Notch Depth Boomerang Notch API Notch Length
P110 1/6' 5%t .500" 2.000"
L80   10%t .500" 2.000"
N80     .500" 2.000"

*t = Nominal Pipe Thickness